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Ash Class (Year 5&6)

Hello and welcome to Ash Class!

On our class page you will find information about all the exciting new topics and details of our routines that will take place throughout the school year. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. 

Topic - Natural Disasters

During Spring 1, Ash Class will be focusing on their new topic: natural disasters. The children will  develop their knowledge of the seven tectonic plates, why the locations along the tectonic plates are in danger of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes and how the impact of these extreme weather impacts the natural world and human life. In addition, children will develop knowledge of the parts of a volcano and the causes of earthquakes. The children will develop their mapping skills further and their locational knowledge of the world's countries, focusing on identifying the position and significance of longitude and latitude. 


The children are given new spellings to learn and practise every Friday, they are tested the following Friday every week. In school, the children practise their spellings daily, completing tasks to remember spelling patterns and rules. It is important that the children practise their spellings at home too, please encourage your child to do this daily. The children's spelling books are purple and transition between home to school daily. 


In Ash Class, the children complete focused guided reading lessons daily. The use of VIPERS is included in the lessons, for the children to understand the specific question type they are answering, and to build a toolkit of how to complete a range of questions successfully. The children engage with a variety of texts including: Fiction, Non-Fiction and Poetry to explore and build their skills within guided reading and comprehension. The children have reading diaries that transition between home and school daily, we encourage the children to sign their own reading diaries in Ash. Please ensure your child is reading daily at home too, this will support them to continue to build on their fluency, understanding of texts and vocabulary. 


Homework is handed to the children in their blue homework books every Friday, with the expectation to be returned the following Wednesday. The children are given precise tasks, that build on their learning from the week. In Year 6, the children will bring home a range of homework revision books (during Spring). It is communicated with the children the page(s) to complete. All books should transition between home and school. 


PE kits are needed every Wednesday and Friday.